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Translational Neurotechnology

Xiaoxiong graduated

Xiaoxiong graduated with a fantastic disputation! Congratulations, Dr Lin!

New paper

Xiaoxiong published a computational framework that dissects representational geometry into biologically interpretable components that can be traced to single neurons

New paper

Viktor lead a study demonstrating human acute microelectrode recordings that are suitable to investigate the neuronal basis of a wide range of human cognitive brain functions.

Welcome new lab members

Göktug, Hongbiao and Paolo joined the laboratory as PhD students.

Tobias graduated

Tobias graduated with flying colours! Congratulations, Dr Bernklau!

Welcome Lisa

Lisa Held joined the laboratory as a Master student.

Feature article

Our work and newest projects are featured in TUM Research Highlights.

PhD student and Postdoc positions!

We have exciting openings for PhD students and Postdocs who would like to explore the mechanisms of human cognition at single-unit resolution and contribute to the development of cognitive neuroprosthetics. Come and join the crew!

Welcome Laura

Laura Schiffl joined the laboratory as a postdoctoral researcher.

Cognitive neuroprosthetics

We’re recruiting participants for a groundbreaking new project fusing neurotechnology and neuromedicine to tackle language and speech disorders in frontal lobe stroke patients.